Minnesota Select offers private lessons for individuals or small groups at Ralia Sports Center in Maple Grove.  We provide personalized instruction for any and all skills of collegiate, high school, middle school, or elementary school aged players.

Lessons are typically an hour in length. Effective 6/11/07, one-on-one lessons cost a minimum of $55/hour. Semiprivate lessons cost an additional $10 per person ($65 for two, $75 for three, etc.).  If a parent or friend is willing to assist, video capture and review can be incorporated into the lesson.  Email us at privatelessons@mnselect.com to schedule lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  How far in advance do families need to schedule private lessons?
A:  Typically, lessons are scheduled 1-3 weeks prior to occurring.

  Is there an assessment that takes place to determine where the player is and what specifically needs to be worked on?
A:  At a minimum, players/families typically come in with ideas about what skill or skills they would like to work on in lessons. Of course, our coaches then provide the instruction (and therefore an assessment) on these skills.

Q:  What is the recommendation for how many sessions are needed? Or is it really up to the player and coach?
A:  Players and/or families also determine how many sessions to take part in. Some individuals have a lesson once a week over many weeks. Others come in sporadically when they can (maybe one a month). Still others have only one lesson and do not return.

Q:  Who does the one-on-one coaching?
A:  We have a handful of MN Select team coaches currently taking on private lessons.

Q: After each session are the players sent away with items to work on prior to the next coaching session?
A:  It's generally understood that players should work on whatever changes were addressed within the lesson in future training opportunities on their own. While private lessons do provide the opportunity to get many, many reps in a short amount of time, it's impossible to change skill habits in a single hour. Players should continue to work on what was taught within the lesson.

Q: Would you recommend this process of coaching over attending one of the MN Select camps?
A:  Camps are a more affordable option in helping players stay sharp over the summer months as well as be exposed to new ways of doing things. They also allow players to make new friends and with a little planning, reconnect with former teammates. Private lessons are excellent for those who feel they have a specific skill weakness (i.e. serving, passing, etc.) that they want addressed. They are also best for those with a high degree of skill refinement who are seeking very specific instruction to reach the next level.

(763) 391-6660 Ext. 12 - Scott Jackson privatelessons@mnselect.com

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